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10 tips for a lasting at-home manicure


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Some girls find that while doing their own nails is cost efficient, their manicures just don’t last as long as they do if they were to have gotten them done at a salon. This is where we come in with some tips & tricks on how to make your at-home manicures last as long as possible.

  1. Prep your nails and work with a clean nail plate. Cut, fill, and buff your nails accordingly. It’s important to remove all the natural oils and dirt on your nails before applying any polish. Use 70% alcohol (or nail polish remover if you don’t have any) to clean your nails by soaking a cotton pad/ball with some alcohol and wiping your nails clean before applying any polish.
  2. Apply your polish like a pro. Use this diagram as a reference.cococo
  3. Use a base coat. Base coats are actually very important as they will help to extend the life of your manicure by giving the polish an even surface to adhere to. It will also help prevent your nails from staining.
  1. Use a top coat. Top coats are also very important. Not only do they provide a nice finished shine, but they act as a shield to protect the nail color underneath it and to prevent chipping.
  1. Use thin coats when applying nail polish. Lathering one thick layer of nail polish is actually a big culprit for easily chipped nails. Take the time to use thin coats of polish and let the layers dry a bit in between. Typically 1 layer of base coat, 2-3 layers of color, and 1 layer of top coat should do it.
  1. Don’t forget to swipe the tip of your nails. When applying your nail color, take a quick second to swipe color on the edge of your nail as well (the opposite of your cuticle).
  1. Got nail polish on your skin? Clean it up! Use a tiny brush (an old eyeliner brush? art brush?) and dip it in nail polish remover. Remove any mistakes by brushing it off!
  1. Reapply top coat throughout your manicure. Don’t be afraid to apply top coat a few days in between your manicure if you want it to last longer!
  1. Cuticle oil is your best friend. When your manicure is fully dried, lather a bit of cuticle oil to your nails which prevents dryness, hang nails, and keeps a nicely polished manicure polished.
  2. Don’t be in a rush. Be patient. One of the best tips for doing nails at home is not rushing your manicure. Give yourself some time to relax by putting on a Netflix movie and allocating dry time.

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