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Everyday we are surrounded by things that inspire us. Whether it’s the beautiful landscape of mountains and trees across the water, the sun rising behind the 40 story buildings of downtown, or friends and family. People gather inspiration from things that surround their daily life. You may not even realize what inspires you until someone asks. Why do we need inspiration? Well, inspiration drives us to be the best we can be, it creates or delivers masterpieces, and keeps us motivated to do more. Without inspiration things would lack individuality and ...


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The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief…of Your High Heels

Step 1: Denial You’re walking down the street and you see an old man in super short shorts with leathery old legs, on his feet- socks and sandals. This is normal; this is what you always see; old men running around town or mowing their lawn in good, old, thick, knit socks and Velcro sandals. You’re then walking around scouting the latest street style and you encounter the trendiest group of ladies. You look at their outfit thinking "wow I need to snap a pic; they look good." You scan over what these girls are wearing and then you see their feet ...



What Sex and The City Has Taught Me

As a little girl I grew up hearing about this adult TV show known to me as S** and The City. Then the title was scandalous but over the years these four ladies have taught me many things in life, some good and some bad. Here are some of the lessons I learned from the show. Shoes Over Dudes: Even if you’ve only seen one episode of Sex and The City then you know that Carrie and the girls are obsessed with shoes; especially Manolo Blahnik. Even if you have to sacrifice a month's worth of rent for those strappy sandals , it’s worth it. No matter how bad your...



Summer Trend- The Romper

One of my favorite trends right now is the romper. It’s a piece that you can just hop in, throw on a pair of heels sneakers or sandals, and look fresh as funk. I was initially a little nervous when I stepped into my first jumpsuit because it was out of my comfort zone. Slowly, after I ditched my baggy tee and ripped denim, I found a new love. The romper is definitely my essential go-to for summer! I think there are three different ways you can wear a romper. “The Casual Edgy” I would choose a floral romper and style it with a floppy/oversized hat. To p...



DIY Persephone Hair

You might call it boho, a messy up-do, or undone style. We call it Persephone's hair and the look that will be hitting the runway tomorrow! If you are wanting to look like the Goddess of Spring herself, follow my step-by-step guide to achieve this easy, messy-chic style. What you will need: Thermal spray Pointy barrel iron or curling iron Moroccan oil Osis Dust it Backcomb brush Bobby pins Hair glitter spray (Optional) It's better to work with dirty hair so ideally, go two days without shampooing before styling this lo...


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