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Best Face Forward: 8 Skin Care Products We Can’t Live Without

Your skin is one of the first things people see when they look at you, so it’s worth keeping it in tip-top shape. And while we do our best to practice good habits to keep ourselves healthy, there are certain skin care products we just can’t live without. We’ve rounded up our top 8 must-haves. Image credit: gpointstudio / Shutterstock // ...


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Are These Canadian Fashion Stereotypes True?

Canadians are known for many things: our unfailing politeness, our tendency to say “aboot” rather than “about”, our maple syrup… But if there’s one area where we’re often misrepresented, it’s got to be our fashion. We’ve rounded up six Canadian fashion stereotypes to scrutinize. 1. Plaid is our go-to look Image credit: Garage We’re looking at you, lumberjacks. Canadian loggers took to wearing distinctive buffalo plaid jackets (the red and black checkered pattern we often think of as plaid today) for their rigorous outdoor work. ...


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Boost Your Confidence: How to Dress for Your Body Shape

You’ve heard it before: there are certain recurring body shapes among women that can easily be enhanced thanks to some tried-and-true rules. We've rounded up some guidelines for how to dress for your body type, whether dressing for your figure or designing or styling for others. Pear Image credit: Pinterest Are your hips wider than your shoulders (like Jennifer Love Hewitt's)? Do you tend to put on weight on your butt and thighs before your boobs and waist? Yup, you’re a classic pear shape (aka triangle, but we think the fruit comparison is mor...


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JCI Hair Blog: Avant Garde Hair – What the…?

[embed][/embed] By definition, 'avant garde' means "experimental, innovative in respect to the arts, culture and politics". By my definition, it means to push oneself outside of their box. As a hair enthusiast, this means to push hairstyles to the limit. You may think that avant garde hair is something that you could never do yourself, but while you don't have to take your hair to the limit, you can take a bit of this and a bit of that to create a new style that you're comfortable with. What can you do to bring some 'avant ga...


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10 Beauty Brands Founded by Canadians

From skincare to makeup, Canadians love their beauty products. And is it really any surprise? Our beloved country's fickle weather can wreak havoc on our skin, and playful makeup is the perfect remedy for cold, dreary days. Not only have Canadians made significant contributions to the fashion community, we're also no slouches in the cosmetics department. Many of our fellow Canucks have launched their own beauty brands, with products, packaging, and manifestos we can get behind. Here's a sampling of our current favs. Want to learn more about starti...



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