Sally Omeme

Sally Sandusky has lots to be proud of this week! Not only did her knitwear collection Omeme show at Vancouver Fashion Week for the second time - she also participated in the St Paul's "Brilliant" fundraiser. The event raised 1.5 million dollars in support [...]

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Business Headshot Fundraiser

Presenting yourself in a professional way is important when entering the workforce. Unfortunately most of us don't have a photographer at our disposal, and have to make do with a selfie or a holiday snap. Those don't always make the best [...]

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JCI Hair Blog: Men’s Hair Styling 

It's all about texture and a lived in feel for men's hair this fall. Layer on the warm clothes but take that fade shorter for a trendy take on men's hair styling. Here are the top looks to try (or suggest [...]

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Fall Fashion Looks we Love

Though we may still be getting some sunshine in the afternoons, each morning and night the chill in the air reminds you that it's fall. Though it's cringe-worthy to think about the upcoming winter, at least fall fashion makes that [...]

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Lillz Killz

Last night at Vancouver Fashion Week JCI grad Lillea Goian blew us away with her collection, Lillz Killz. Taking the theme of motocross and sequins, you can see her unique style in the re-worked vintage pieces. Adorning many of the looks [...]

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