District 157 and Dissidence Fashion Show Recap

John Casablancas Institute's Fashion students put together two fashion shows last night: District 157 and Dissidence. The show was held at the Roundhouse Community Centre and was hosted by JCI Fashion graduate Emma Leger, alongside with videographer and photographer, Steven [...]

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Men’s Summer Hairstyle Trends

From high or low fades to colored hair, there are many great hairstyles trending for men this summer. Stay fresh and stylish with these trends by JCI Hair students, graduates and instructors. Feeling the Blues:  Men, don't let the women have [...]

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Meet Lillea Goian: JCI Graduate and Designer

From a young age, Lillea Goian always knew she wanted to leave her mark in the fashion industry.  After moving to Vancouver to attend JCI straight out of high school, Lillea had already graduated from both the Fashion Business and [...]

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A Midsummer Hair’s Dream

Nothing says summertime hair goals like no-heat hairstyles that consist of minimal effort and will keep your hair looking fresh and healthy. Take a break from using heat products and try these quick and easy styles that will get you [...]

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