The "It" Places to Shop and Eat for Generation Z

Generation Z (Gen-Zers) consists of those born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s, coming after Millennials. Gen Z has become increasingly popular towards brands as they are the main focus of marketing. This generation spends the majority of their [...]

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Lasia Kretzel Shaves Her Head For A Good Cause

After six weeks of raising funds and awareness for mental health, Lasia Kretzel chopped off her hair which she had grown out for eight years. With hair below her knees, Lasia wanted to let it grow long because of her [...]

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Trend Alert: The Square Neckline

If you look into your closet, you'll notice that majority of your clothes consist of either a round or v-neckline. The square neckline is a new Fall trend that has been seen everywhere this season and is definitely a must-have [...]

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Carla Borges

Born and raised in Brazil, Carla Dutra Borges moved to Vancouver a year ago to start a new life and career in the fashion industry— a major change from working as an industrial engineer back home. "When I was planning [...]

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Student Friendly Gastown Retail Stores

Gastown is known for its historical background, photogenic sights, minimalist cafes, and the old-fashioned charm. The tourist hot-spot, the Gastown steam clock, is the largest tourist attraction. The streets are typically filled with fun activities that take place year-round, and [...]

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