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Maybe you often find yourself daydreaming of the outfits and editorials you’d style if you had the budget and resources, or maybe you’ve got a special Pinterest board dedicated to all the pieces you’d stock if you owned a clothing store. If this sounds like you, and if the thought of working in fashion sounds exciting, it’s time to jump in and explore your options.

The industry is booming, and Vancouver has more fashion jobs than ever to fill. Need more reassurance that fashion school is right for you? Here are some surefire signs.

1. You never played with your dolls—you only styled them

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Whether you were the kid with only one or two Barbies but a case full of Barbie clothes, or whether you were the one who only played out fashion shows with them, you’ve always had a thing for styling. A lifelong passion like this should never be ignored—it’s in your blood.

2. You start trends within your friend group

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You are a whiz at throwing together outfits and buying go-anywhere fashion pieces. From fabric to fit, you have a way with knowing what works, and your local fashion stores have you to thank for promoting their wares. Fashion marketing and communications might just be your thing.

3. Being a buyer sounds like your dream job—but you’re not exactly sure what it involves

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From buyer to visual merchandiser, you get the gist of what most jobs in the fashion industry are about, but you’d be hard pressed to go into detail about what their day-to-day duties involve. Fashion school is just the place to learn where in the industry you’d make a good fit, and what you need to get there.

4. You’re more judgemental than the judges on Project Runway and AMNTM

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You have very strong opinions about fashion. Whether it’s how people are wearing it, how it’s styled or the fabric it’s made from, you’re not afraid to weigh in and recommend improvements. Hey, you know what you like, and in fashion industry that’s priceless.

5. You secretly love math

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Your passion is fashion but you’ve got this dirty little secret: you love math. And you’re good at it. So maybe creativity has never been your thing—many people assume this means this necessarily makes them unqualified for fashion school. Nothing could be less true! So much of the fashion industry involves a head for business, and yes, that means balancing inventory, crunching numbers, and managing budgets. Trust us, the industry needs you.

JCI’s Fashion Program

Ask any of our teachers or alumni: when you know, you know. So stop dreaming and make a career in fashion happen, there are more viable and lucrative jobs than ever before. Our fashion program gives students the tools, resources, and networks to access these roles. Check out the program here.