No surprise here, but most people working in retail love fashion. It doesn’t matter where you work or what you sell, when you spend all day getting people excited about buying things, it is way too easy to shop till you drop. This enthusiasm tends to cause those retail warriors to blow a good portion of their take home pay at work. If you feel like saving some money this spring, here are our best tips to hang onto more of your hard earned cash:

Say no to peer pressure

Your coworkers can be your bank accounts worst enemy. If you work in a store where everyone seems to be buying new clothing every day, it’s so tempting to do the same. This can be especially true at more affordable stores where everything seems like such a great deal. Maybe it is until you find yourself spending more on clothing each month than food or transportation. Not sustainable!

Wait for it

If there is something you cannot stop thinking about at work, put off buying it as long as possible. Never, ever, take a break early to buy something. Take the time to think about it (and even better let it sell out in your size) before you get your boss to ring you up. Most workplaces have a no employee hold policy, which means when it’s gone it is gone…and you’ll probably forget about it in a few weeks anyways.

Forget your wallet on purpose

This one works great! If you don’t have any money with you, there can be no unnecessary purchases made, clothing or otherwise. If you’re finding it way too easy to rack up the credit card bills, just leaving it at home could be the best solution.

Stick around

A lot of work places have great buy ins or even free merchandise for employees after they end their probationary period. Some companies even reward staff on work anniversaries or each month/season with deeper discounts, samples or straight up gifts for hard work. Stick around and see what your workplace has to offer more long-term! While we wouldn’t advise hounding your boss about freebies – it’s usually something your coworkers will discuss and a lot of places post incentives (contests, friends and family events, special discounted items etc) in the break room for all to see.

Would you still want it as a customer?

Sometimes things getter more appealing the longer you look at them. Is it actually something you like or just a piece you’ve grown accustomed to? This can be even more true if you work at a store that’s not exactly your style. Don’t waste your money if you wouldn’t want it without the staff discount!

Plan wisely for dress code requirements

If you are required to wear clothing your store is currently selling during your shifts, do a bit of thinking and research so you can make good long-term decisions about what you purchase. Consider which pieces your store will have for the longest amount of time, or what items are basics they always carry. If you know a certain style has been brought back year after year, it’s a good investment.

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