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7 Best Beauty Hacks For the Lazy Girl


We’ve got to give it to for providing us with 47 of the best beauty hacks for the lazy girl. With all the makeup, nails, and hair tips provided, there’s surely a hack or two that you can benefit from. Here’s our Top 7 Best Beauty Hacks from this BuzzFeed list:

1.  Don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup? Filling in your eyebrows makes all the difference!

eyebrow Keith Morrison / Alice Mongkongllite / Via BuzzFeed Life

2. Don’t have makeup remover? Just use coconut oil!

enhanced-4166-1444756929-1 The Beauty Department / Via

3. For more effective concealing, say no to dots and say hello to triangles.

conceal Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed Life

4. Are you a messy nail painter? Simply use a small brush, nail polish remover, and clean away!

nails The Beauty Department / Via

5. Use your flat iron to add some volume to your hair. Waves for day!

hair Plane Pretty / Via

6. Achieve fuller lips in minutes by applying a light pencil/lip liner in the center of your lips.


7. Toilet seat covers make excellent oil blotting sheets.

toilet Jenny Chang / Via BuzzFeed Life

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