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H&M, the multi-national fast-fashion retail company has recently introduced a program that offers vouchers in exchange for used garments. The garments are sent to the I:CO processing plant where they are graded and sorted by hand. The garments are then categorized into four groups – rewear, reuse, recycle, and energy. H&M has utilized this technique to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

With this new turn of eco-consciousness, H&M also unveiled their new collection called “Conscious Exclusive” which features fashion-forward pieces for men and women made from sustainable fabrics such as recycled polyester chiffon and organic cotton. The collection includes cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and tailored suits for women, and suiting with flare for men. The mint green tulle dress included in the collection has become a best-seller and is already unavailable online due to popularity. Some of the pieces amongst this beautiful line are a satin kimono coat, a two piece satin dress with a train, and a mesh dress with an embroidered pattern and lace appliques.

Catarina Midby, the head of fashion and sustainability at H&M says that the inspiration for the collection comes from old school, retro Hollywood. “Conscious Exclusive” has already gained much media attention specifically from the celebrity crowd. Stars such as Emily Hunt, Emmy Rossum, and Michelle Williams have quickly become fans of the classic, elegant collection. The price range runs from $34.95 to $299.00. You can find the “Conscious Exclusive” collection at any H&M location or online at

Devon Clark, JCI fashion student

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