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A Day in the Life of a Fashion Student



Many people have this perception of how a fashion student lives: they think we move to New York, live in a high-end neighborhood and become Anna Wintour’s assistant right off the bat. Well, I’m here to tell you that being a fashion student isn’t all glitz and glam. A lot of it is hard work and determination. Sure, it has its moments of “wow, I cant believe I will be doing this for a living.” But being a fashion student has its ups and downs.

Waking up at 6 a.m, trying to get ready in a fashionable manner, rushing out the door with a half eaten-bagel in your mouth, with stacks of homework flying out of your new Philip Lim backpack that your mom gave you as a “Congrats, you are actually doing something with your life gift” all while running to catch the bus. Oh, and have I mentioned it’s not even 8 a.m yet? This right here is a realistic picture of how the majority of fashion students here in Vancouver start off their morning.

After trying to catch two buses, fighting for a seat each time, dodging coughing and sneezing and making sure you are applying liberal amounts of hand sanitizer, you’re almost there.

Getting off the bus( of course thanking the bus driver for not getting us killed) and use the hand sanitizer one more time, just to make sure the germs are really gone and then head off to school. Again, dodging traffic, running through alleyways making sure no one tries to get money off you, because lets be honest, we want to do the right thing but as a fashion student living in this beautiful city of Vancouver, we are trying to survive ourselves. I promise when I become rich and famous I will be giving money to every homeless person I come across, but im not there yet.

Finally you end up in your classroom just in the nick of time, ready to pop open your books and get right down to business, because secretly we all want to work for Anna Wintour one day, and you have start somewhere right?



Photo of Danielle Bernstein shot by Jeff Thibodeau

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