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On July 2nd, 2013 JC Institute fashion students held their RET.RO.GRADE publicity stunt. Two immaculate models that looked like identical replicas of each other paraded around the streets of Gastown, through Waterfront up Cordova and down to Coal Harbor. With their long dark straight hair slicked back, their dark shiny royal blue lipstick and their gorgeously torn dresses made by JCI fashion student Carolyn McCauley; these striking models grabbed the attention of not only handsome young men but children, tourists, mothers, business women, grandparents and more.

Everyone walking by had inquiring minds while the talented photographer, Emily Cook snapped shots of these models in the moment. Second looks, jaws dropping, and ahhs of amazement would be the least of descriptions to describe the success of the publicity stunt that was done to raise awareness for the RET.RO.GRADE fashion show.

Questions like what? where? and when? were asked and answers were given. A JC Institute Fashion Program Graduation Fashion Show; Performance Works on Granville Island; Tuesday July 16 at 7:30pm. Many people walking by expressed interest in the fashion show as well as knowledge of the charity we are raising funds for, The Looking Glass Foundation. One lady even said “The Looking Glass?”…and as we tried to proceed with an explanation of what The Looking Glass was she continued “ I know what The Looking Glass is, what a wonderful cause… someone close to me struggles with an eating disorder.” She grabbed the cube-shaped RET.RO.GRADE advertisement and put it in her purse, smiled and proceeded to cross the street. Mission accomplished.

Leah Chahwan, JCI Fashion Student

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