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At my work there was a posting for a job that I really wanted. One of my bosses asked me if I was interested. I right away expressed my desire; he was excited and requested I talk to my direct boss about it as soon as possible. A couple of weeks went by and I still hadn’t heard anything about the position. The boss who initially mentioned it had again asked me if I was interested and the girl who currently held the position informed me they wanted me to take it. Then why hadn’t I heard anything about it from my boss?

Then another one of my bosses said she wanted to talk to me after work. I was excited to finally talk to one of my managers about the position. She went over the partner values with me and said I had every box checked off except…the dress code.

“You do know what we are going for… a glamorous look, and you have to start wearing heels.”

Because I tore a ligament in my ankle last September, I do find it hard to wear heels for prolonged periods of time. I always break the rules and wear flats. However, aside from that I think I look pretty good at work; I am a fashion student after all.

After we discussed dress code, she informed me that she knew I would have the job if I stepped up my dress code.

At first I found it bizarre and frankly, wrong that the reason I wasn’t going to get a job was because I didn’t wear heels to work. However, when I think about the people I’m drawn to or want to avoid, those quick judgements are based on appearance, but not on if they wear heels.

I am back to work tonight for the first time since I talked to my manager. I have my heels in my bag and my pencil skirt steamed. Hopefully, this will land me more than just mega blisters and back pain.

Lisa Bandura, JCI Fashion Student

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