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The glitter has been swept up, clothing has been returned, and we are back in class to finish our last few days of school. Our class fashion show, Reverie, was a complete success and for me at least, minimal stress on the day of the show.

The amount of planning and preparation that went into that show was astronomical. I had no idea how much it would consume my life inside and outside of school. I put off most of my final assignments because the show was the central focus of my life and I completely forgot that there were other things that had to get done.

Going home after the show, I realized that my apartment was in complete shambles, I hadn’t been to work in a week, and I hadn’t slept properly for a while because all I kept thinking about were the details of the show.

Looking back, the whole day was a blur; running from the school to Performance Works, to vendors and the flower shop. The dress rehearsal was a complete disaster but thank goodness we did it otherwise we would have had major issues during the show. Seeing all the people come out to support our class, the work that we had put into the show, and all the other things we had done at school, was amazing.

The moment the lights turned down and the Holly Boutique logo popped up on screen chills ran up my spine and I watched as the audience was entertained by the months of planning.

Now I ask myself the question, would I do it again? And my immediate response is yes. I love organizing and entertaining. I love planning something from nothing and seeing it come through in the end as better than I imagined. I like the hiccups and disasters that we had to overcome. It was all worth it in the end. I would seriously consider a career in planning shows or events. I get joy in entertaining and putting events together…or maybe I just like to boss people around!

Natasha Jaswal, JCI Grad

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