Letícia Maciel Gonçalves was born and raised in Campinas, Brazil, a city nearby Sao Paulo. Letícia moved to Vancouver in 2017 to study Fashion Business & Creative Arts at John Casablancas Institute.
After years of thinking that fashion was just a hobby, Letícia was ready to change that. She wanted to create a professional business involving her two passions: fashion and dance. In 2017 she enrolled at JCI to learn more about the fashion industry in order to start her brand: Agatha.

“My dancewear brand was the reason I wanted to study at JCI. I knew the Fashion Program would be the key to my growth in the industry, as well as my brands. I fell in love with JCI’s Program Outline and the structure of the course.” 

Letícia participated in ballet classes in 2014 and noticed the lack of clothing options in the dance industry. There had been limited options for brands and the quality of clothing. That was the moment Letícia became inspired to create a dancewear clothing line that would provide a comfortable fit, high-tech fabrics and a lot of stylish options.
The name Agatha came to Letícia’s mind as she began planning her brand. She wanted a name for her brand that would develop a strong sense of femininity.

“A girl that inspire others and is genuinely herself— that’s Agatha.”

Letícia is the founder and creative director of Agatha, while her mother Roberta Maciel is the co-founder and the lawyer of the brand. As of now, they are working on launching the e-commerce side of the business, which will be available worldwide very soon. Letícia designs the ideas for her brand and has a team of seamstresses who bring the garments to life.

“My mother Roberta Maciel has always encouraged me to follow my gut and supported me with every decision.” 

The latest collection for Agatha Collant includes options for womenswear and kidswear. The collection is timeless and the leotards are flexible.

“My dancewear tights can be worn from a yoga class to a lunch date in the city!” 

During her time at John Casablancas Institute, Letícia has learned that if you act professionally in the industry and are genuinely a good person, doors will always open for you. Networking is something Letícia would highly recommend to anyone interested in working in the fashion industry. It’s important to build connections, especially when starting your own business.

“If you want to create your own business one day then you have to go in with a strong mindset and take the risk to do what you truly love.”

Besides attending ballet classes twice a week and working as a creative director for Agatha Collant, Letícia enjoys yoga and high-intensity workouts.

“For me, beauty is not strictly about what clothes you wear, instead it also has to do with your mind and soul.” 

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