Doesn’t it seem crazy how back in the day we used to pluck our eyebrows to try get them as thin as possible? Why did we do that? Full Brows are a thing now and I think this is one fashion that has helped most of us out, no need to cut or tease here! Just Shape , Fill Out and some tweezing here and there..

We are coming back to a more natural look similar to the 1940’s/50’s idols like Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and Lauren Becall – who inspired the everyday women of the epoch with their full luscious eyebrows to go au natural.

This was always a particular trend, that seemed to change in decades, like in the 1990s where we would  follow the supermodels of the moment. For example, Kate Moss, who continuously wore them thin.
As we can see , that didn’t catch on, and now we look at actresses like Cara Delevigne, Lilly Collins and Eva Mendes as the new Brow Girls of the moment. Aiming for a rise in arches and in natural brows.

So how do we get these fully grown natural eyebrows? And how do we maintain them?

For these steps, we have asked our Brow Specialist on scene and JCI Instructor Caitlin Ramage, to give us some suggestions on what is the best way to take care of these trademark features. First Things First, we need to mention that every person’s brows and hair is different. Here, we are giving some basic steps that are easy to do at home and some that you will need to go get done by a Brow Esthetician.

Basic Steps to Fixing your Eyebrows:


In order to shape your eyebrows you have four options: Tweezing, waxing, threading, sugaring (which lasts 4 weeks) or you can shape them permanently by using Electrolysis (This is recommended to be done by a Specialist)


Colouring the brow hairs using a vegetal dye is a gentle way that allows your brows to look darker and vegetable is safe to use close to eyes (This method lasts 4 weeks)


Makeup pencils, powders or gels are great to shade in brows or correct the shape. Pot gels tend to be more challenging for the make-up beginner.


Clear brow gels are great for holding brows in place, or laying them down flatter. Coloured brush in gels give the brow a fuller appearance, hold hairs in place, is quick to apply, and are very user friendly.

Need some Growth?

Hair growth products are for those who have sparse, or thin brows. The results only last if you continue to use the products, but they do work. There are two branches of growth products: Peptide-based(ie. Eyenvy), or steroid based(ie. Latisse). They are applied 1x daily and after 2-6 weeks you will notice coarser, longer hairs.


Permanent make up/tattooing so you don’t have to do much to your brows ever again. Except remove strays, trim the hairs as needed, and get them touched up or redone every 5 years or so(colour changes over time i.e. Brown tones goes red/pink/orange, black or dark brown go green or blue, etc) but is suited for most brow types.

Brow Types:

Thin Brows:

These are Natural or Overtweezed Eyebrows, Filling them in with make-up, Coloured brow gels, hair growth product, or tinting to colour lighter hairs are best to give the appearance of a fuller brow.

Shape them using the above options to define them.

Thick/Full/Coarse/Unruly Eyebrows :

Learning to trim your brows properly will save you the headache of fighting your lovely, unruly brows.

Use a clean mascara wand, and a pair of small manicure scissors. Comb the head of your eyebrows upward and trim any hairs above the natural top line of the brow. For the mid and tail of the brow comb the hairs down towards your eye and trim JUST the ends. Brush our entire brow with mascara wand to blend.

There are many skilled brow technicians out there who can show you these techniques on your brows and give you tips on how short to trim yours.

Finish your brows with a clear brow gel to keep them in place, and have them shaped regularly!

Sparse and/or Eyebrows that grow in all directions:

This type of brow is best suited to get  a bit of filling with make-up and then a coat of clear or coloured brow gel. If the hairs are pale in colour, tinting can be helpful to give you a guide line to fill them in. If the hairs are pointing in different directions, carefully trim brows, still leaving a fair amount of length. Removing the tips will help them look more uniform and will be easier for your clear brow gel to keep in place all day.


We hope these basic steps can help you get natural luscious brows!


Need a Brow Esthetician to Shape those Brows?

John Casablanca Institute provides Brow Services that include an initial consultation and the waxing service that you are in need of.  Book an appointment by calling 604-629-1484 or Book Online.


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