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This years Oscars were the best I’ve ever seen! For starters, the visual direction was genius; from the extra sleek red carpet (out with the abundance of oversized Oscar status and in with some beautiful illustrations from past Oscar-winning films) to the staging itself which was the epitome of elegance with all of the magical lights and the beaded curtain blanketing the stage like an enchanted night sky.

The host this year, Seth Macfarlane was also a true gem! He completely owned every word he said and pulled the night off seamlessly, kudos to the least awkward host of the Oscars that I’ve witnessed thus far.

Here are a couple of beautiful fashions that I just had to include! Starting off the evening with absolute perfection was Jennifer Lawrence in her stunning Dior gown; my absolute favorite red carpet look this year.

Anne Hathaway looked pretty in pink in her self-described “business in the front, party in the back” Prada gown. She was also perfectly elegant in her acceptance of her Oscar award for best supporting actress for Les Miserables.

Finally, let’s not forget what the Oscars are truly about; the art of film. This year there were so many amazing films nominated; Les Miserables, Silver Linings Playbook, and Argo were a few of my personal favorites. This ceremony truly is a reminder that there are intelligent, well-written films to be watched (as much fun as Twilight was…)

Kirsten Olson, JCI Fashion Student

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