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usb.jpgAs much as I hate to admit it, my father was right. Our parents are constantly telling us and our teachers are always warning us, yet the majority of us still don’t back up our computer files. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into such things as homework assignments and presentations and trust in our technology’s hardware.

It has happened to the best of us; we have a big school project due the next day and leave it to the very last minute to hit print or send it via email. Yet at that very last minute, technology fails us. Whether it’s your computer that won’t turn on or the file you were working on that neglected to save to your desktop, you are now in a panic and risk a failing grade. Now is when you remember your dad’s voice saying, “remember to send yourself your work” or your teacher nagging you about investing in an external hard drive. So why didn’t you? Was not using that USB stick on your keychain a way to rebel? Did your lazy habits get in the way of you sending your files to yourself through email? Or maybe you somehow forgot, the same way you seem to have forgotten for the past couple of years? Whatever your excuse may be, it is exactly that: an excuse.

Backing up your files will save you from the pain of rewriting that 20 page paper on the history of pantyhose or reworking that 30 minute PowerPoint presentation your group had depended on you to complete. If we can turn checking social media sites into a routine habit, I’m sure we could do the same when it comes to these important things. Backing up your files takes no longer than a minute and is more than worth it.

Learn how to back up your files here: WikiHow

Gaby Morin, JCI Fashion Grad

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