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Beauty Trends Seen On Instagram: January/February 2019

Maria Velasquez
Blog / Makeup

With over 500 million active users on Instagram, we constantly come across a variety of popular beauty looks each month. The past two months have been filled with creativity and we’re listing the top trends we’ve seen on Instagram. Get inspired by these trends.

Pretty in Lime 

Leave it to the Kardashian/Jenner clan to start of the year with vibrant trends. Kendall Jenner posed on Instagram wearing lime eyeliner and soon later, many beauty Instagrammers jumped on the bandwagon.

Kendall isn’t the only one “really into green these days,” as she captioned under her Instagram photo. Many celebrities including Camilla Belle, Rita Ora, and Emma Stone are all embracing this trend.

Pearl Eyes

There’s something about pearls that add an elegant touch to every look. Which is why when we saw the hashtag #pearlmakeup trending on Instagram, we knew it would be something magical.

This makeup trend is anything but ordinary. We are in love with this beautifully detailed look created by many beauty Instagram bloggers. 18-year-old beauty queen Ellie Addis also created her version of pearl makeup which received over 65,000 likes from her 145k+ followers.

Plaid Lips

Yes, you read that right. Plaid lips are a creative design that gives an edgy look. This look may not be suitable for some people to go out and about wearing, but it definitely was a popular trend on Instagram the past month.

Mermaid Inspired Makeup

Although mermaid makeup was popular for Halloween, it seems that makeup artists can’t get enough of this youthful look. Mermaid makeup consists of glitter and shimmery eyeshadows and bright liners. With over 171,000 posts under the hashtag #mermaidmakeup on Instagram, we are truly enjoying seeing this look being experimented with!

Beauty artist Leah Darcy poses on Instagram with her version of mermaid-inspired makeup.

The Outfit x Lips Trend

Now, this is a trend we absolutely love! We’ve seen celebrities matching their lips with the color of their outfits. We are totally all about this matching trend.

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