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Body Products You Need This Summer

Maria Velasquez
Blog / Body Spa

Skincare products are flourishing our Instagram feed with famous bloggers and influencers showing off the must-have products for this season. The future of skincare continues to grow and millennials are investing their money towards popular brands including Ouai, Neighbourhood Botanicals, Sol de Janerio, L’Occitane and more. This summer is all about taking care of your skin and keeping it not only hydrated but also shimmering.

Here are this seasons must-have body products: 


This year Material Girl by Madonna launched a new collection of body mists and are available in nine refreshing fragrances. Keep these fun products in your bag this summer because you’ll definitely want to use body mists in this heat.

Other companies that sell popular body mists include: Jo Loves and Sol De Janerio.

Have enough body sprays? You can also buy hairs mists from the following brands: YSL, Tocca and Dior. All products sold at Sephora.


This season’s hottest trend and the key to a summer glow is the shimmering body oil. The most popular body oil that has been appearing all over our Instagram feed is the Shimmer Body Oil by Bali Body.

JCI Fashion Business & Creative Arts graduate and Instagram Blogger Emma Leger has worked with Bali Body by promoting their products on her blog.

Other body oil products can be bought from the following brands: BECCA by Chrissy Teigan, Moroccan Oil, and Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.


As much as we all love using bath bombs, take a break from your favorite Lush bath bombs and try bath salts and body scrubs to help keep your skin hydrated and energized. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to a spa often, Natural Spa Factory has all the products you need to give yourself the best at-home spa experience.

Bath Salts by Sarah London are 100% natural, vegan and made in London. They come in the perfect travel-size jars that you can pack in your carry-on luggage.

And let’s not forget about our feet. There has been a new trend of feet masks going around and we are thankful for it. Many of us can tend to forget to take care of our feet but it’s important to use hydrating foot creams and masks to exfoliate dead skin and allow our feet to remain soft throughout all seasons. Inspired by South Korean women, skincare brand Seoulista delivers you at-home pedicures with their products.


Now introducing balms that provide more than just keeping your lips hydrated. The L’Occitane Almond Delightful Body Balm not only smells great, but works wonders.

Here’s what a customer has to say about this product:

“The feeling that this body balm leaves on your skin is just outstanding. It’s unbelievably silky and smooth. The feeling is warm and comforting, not wet and sloppy like our typical moisturizer. The fragrance is very subtle and feminine, but not overly floral or sweet. The container is luxurious but not too heavy to carry around. A little goes a long way, this would make an ideal Mother’s Day gift – especially paired with the delightful Almond Shower Oil! another classic that works great as a shave lotion. These two together… wow. Your skin will be like silk.” – Madeline_DM


Jen Atkin is the CEO of hair-care brand OUAI and we can’t get enough of these products! The brands newest item launched is the Sun of a Beach Ombre Spray which is a sun-activated spray-in hair lightener. So what exactly does this product do? It gives your virgin-hair shine or if you have highlights in your hair, it brightens them. Sounds like a must-have product for this season, right?

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