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Born To Do This: Roselyn Zandberg, Body Spa Graduate & Owner of Blu Harbour Wellness

Maria Velasquez
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Born in Vancouver B.C., Roselyn Zandberg moved to the Okanagan at the age of five, where she grew up on a dairy farm with fifteen older siblings.

Growing up on the farm allowed Roselyn to focus on animal health and wellness, where she developed a passion for the human body. She became intrigued to learn more about skin, health and advances esthetic therapies.

“I have an athletic background as well, as I participated in Ballet for ten years of my life, from the age of fourteen to twenty-four.” 

Missing the city life, the mountains, and oceans, she moved back to Vancouver in her last year of high-school.

Roselyn was working in the corporate industry for about fifteen years. Feeling very unfulfilled at work, she decided to take time off to help a friend with her wellness business. This is where it all started.

She discovered that her passion and happiness would come from providing services to others and helping them feel and look their best. During her time at JCI, she enjoyed providing facial and massage services for clients.

“I chose the program at JCI because of the reputation of the company, the location, and the people I met there during the interview process.” 

While studying as a student in the Body Spa program, Roselyn was also working at a wellness clinic providing spa/skin wellness and massages to clients. She also worked as a general manager for the clinic.

There were many reasons why Roselyn wanted to open up her own studio and family was one of them. She wanted a location close to home where she lives with her husband and three children.

“I had taken the clinic I was currently managing from a barely functioning clinic to a blossoming business, while at the same time building my skin therapy and massage business.” 

Hard work and determination are Roselyn’s middle names, after all, she has a business degree and a diploma in Massage Therapy, a diploma from the JCI Body Spa program, and she is currently working towards her second degree in Health Sciences. Now that’s something to be proud of.

“This is a service-based business, which means you will have to sow your seeds with hard work and be present from the beginning. Re-book and follow up with clients. Genuinely care, be clean and always continue to learn.” 

Roselyn knew she could run a business of her own. It all began when a commercial realtor who lived in her neighborhood wanted Roselyn to take a look at an available space in North Vancouver. Taking that space, her business, Blu Harbour Wellness, began in November 2015.

“Being an owner of a business is not for the faint of heart. It is a lot of hard work, however, if you’re willing to put in the work and ride out the storms, there is something very special about owning your very own business.” 

Blu Harbour Wellness just turned 3-years-old this year with over three-thousand active clients. On average, Roselyn and her co-workers see on average about sixty-seven new clients each month.

So what does a day look like in the shoes of a business owner?

Roselyn spends her mornings with her family, including her dog and cats, scrolls through emails and checks in with her staff to see how the day is going. During her work hours, she takes clients for facials and advanced skin care therapies, and for registered massage therapy (RMT).

She also works with the shop lead on marketing and operations. Evenings conclude with dinner and fitness routines.

“I’ve had many prized moments throughout my career but the best is always when I have been told that I made a difference in a person’s life by providing them a service that makes them feel physically and/or mentally better.”  

Images via: Blu Harbour Wellness

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