From Prison Break to A Series of Unfortunate Events to See .  JCI Makeup Artistry Grad Bree-Anna Lehto has worked on some of the most notorious Films & TV Shows in the past five years.

Since graduating from JCI Institute in 2013, Bree has worked non-stop in what she loves – FX Makeup, which has led her and her team in the Series of Unfortunate Events to win a Leo Award and the Hairstylist Guild Award for Best Make-up in Dramatic Series. Today we have had the pleasure to interview her and ask about her experience in the industry, as well as her most recent project with Lindala Schminken FX & Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’. 

Bree Anna Lehto

Since completing your program, what have you been working on?
I started out doing straight makeup calls, working on gaining as much experience as possible on set for my IATSE days.  I knew I really wanted to focus on FX makeup and started work on Wayward Pines, Legion, Supergirl, Prison Break (doing Wentworth Millers tattoos), two seasons of A Series of Unfortunate Events (transforming Neil Patrick Harris into Count Olaf and his many disguises) and most recently just wrapped 7 months of FX makeup, shooting the epic new AppleTV+ streaming network show ‘SEE’.  When not on a show call I love to travel, enjoy time off, and pop out on day calls for any of the many film & TV shows being filmed in Vancouver.
Bree-Anna Lehto
What have been some of your favourite jobs and or people to work with?  
Prison Break was my first FX makeup show call so that one will always be a fond memory.  Neil was a pleasure to work with everyday on ASOUE, and the whole cast & crew were amazing, as were the sets, makeup, hair and costumes so going to work everyday was fun!  SEE was an incredible experience – I was able to do some new and interesting makeup applications, we shot the show primarily outside in some amazing locations, and I feel like I learned a lot, which I love!  I’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of fantastic cast and crew, on great projects, which makes going to work every day easy. 
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