Why Study Makeup Artistry? | Makeup Talk with JCI Grad Victoria Rasmussen

Victoria is a JCI Makeup Artistry Grad and is part of the Sephora Team in the Robson, Vancouver location. Victoria is a highly active influencer on Instagram and focuses on creating surreal looks that made her one of the grand [...]

Why Study Makeup Artistry? | Makeup Talk with JCI Grad Victoria Rasmussen2019-09-20T16:54:05+00:00

JCI’s Miss Teen Canada // Natasha Chadney

Natasha Chadney, a Body Spa & Esthetics Student in JCI has recently been crowned Miss Teen Canada in this year’s pageantry competition. This was her first National Competition, in which she competed against approximately 30 other candidates from across the [...]

JCI’s Miss Teen Canada // Natasha Chadney2019-07-15T18:21:39+00:00

Lillea Goian

John Casablancas Institute is beyond excited to announce that Lillea Goian, graduate of the JCI Fashion Business & Creative Arts and Core Design programs, will be showcasing her latest collection for her brand Profanity at New York Fashion Week this [...]

Lillea Goian2019-07-15T18:21:48+00:00

Nina Park

Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Nayeon (Nina) Park first visited Vancouver in 2013 to study English abroad. She recalls living in the city and being amazed by the geographic landscape and a relaxed social atmosphere. "I promised myself that I’d visit Vancouver [...]

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