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Climate Changing Makeup To Rule in 2019

Davneet Dhillon
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2019 is all about being eco-friendly in the world of beauty. Brands are pushing to refill and reuse their products to help make a difference in the world. With Vancouver banning the use of plastic straws and foam containers by June 2019, it’s only right that high-end brands also begin being apart of the change. Plastic-free alternatives and using sustainable options will help eliminate waste.

This year’s key products will focus on the body, mind, and sustainability. Image wearing makeup that changes due to the climate. Sounds fascinating, right?

Climate Changing Makeup

Get ready for makeup products that will change due to climate and the environment around you. Lauren Bowker, a London-based textile designer, and chemist is the mastermind behind 2018’s popular self-made hair dye that allowed you to change the color of your hair.

Prepare yourselves as Lauren as now developed a skin-based beauty product line which is activated by heat, wind or UV Rays. Sounds fascinating, right?

This line will be launched this year, including the following products: colour pigments for the cheeks, eyes, lips and skin, labeled as Atmo Spheres, which changes with the heat and climate change in the environment; Soul Shades which are blushes where your skin adapts to the natural temperature around you; and Helio Veil, a self-forming freckle base activated by UV Rays, according to Vogue.

Refill and Reuse Technique 

With all the plastic bottles that go straight to our trash can after use and sometimes end up in our oceans, it’s time to put a stop to this global crisis and start reusing products to put an end to excessive packaging waste. Brands such as Lush, MAC Cosmetics, and Garnier all contribute to helping the environment.

Last year beauty brands generated over 142 billion units of packaging which ended up in the landfills, therefore this year brands are working harder than ever to become planet-friendly.

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