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Colour Trend- Grey Matter



One of my favorite colours right now is grey. It’s such a simple and modern colour. It’s in between white and black, my two favourite colours. It isn’t as harsh as black but not as pure as white; the happy medium.

Grey is an easy colour to style because it’s a neutral. It pairs well with colours like navy, other shades of blue, or even burgundy. But it also looks great by itself, paired with other shades of grey. Creating an outfit consisting of various greys is an easy way to look polished and very modern.

The one trick to wearing grey is finding the perfect shade to go well with your skin tone. Grey has the potential to wash out your skin tone. Avoiding this is easy, simply wear it away from your face and pair it with a flattering colour you already know and love.

Some of my favourite pieces to wear in grey are dresses. A fitted midi dress or a comfortable T-shirt dress looks effortlessly chic in a gorgeous grey shade. I also love the look of a grey jacket, either as a blazer or a trench inspired jacket.

So hopefully this little post has convinced you of the greatness of the colour grey. It works perfectly into any spring wardrobe and will later help you transition into the cooler months.

Kalhiea Robb, JCI Fashion Student

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