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Creative Evolution: Introducing the Porcelain Fashion Show


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Class 143 started developing its fashion show theme a solid month ago, and we have only just reached a consensus. Eleven creative minds working together to build one masterpiece is a challenge to say the least. It is almost impossible to keep everyone happy and combining the needs of 11 fashion students is definitely enough to make one lose their mind.

The original theme we agreed on was a little girl dreaming about what she might look like when she grew up. The class felt proud and a bit cocky that this theme had been decided on so quickly and without any disagreements. Oh were we mistaken! There was plenty of upset when we were each expected to give new ideas to improve this theme.

An open mic and 11 emotionally opinionated women trapped under the ceiling at JCI; it doesn’t take a wild imagination to think of what these class hours began to look or sound like. With only a few bruised egos and a couple hours of counseling, the class is once again a full spectrum colour wheel.

And what an outcome! Our theme took on a new face…dolls, a long forgotten treasure of every woman’s childhood. Up in the attic amidst the family heirlooms, old costumes, travel trunks, parasols, and film reels are memories, and that one favorite doll. Through the art of fashion, class 143 is transforming the runway into a world of dolls, combining the magic of memories with the trends of today.

Though the skeletal frame for the show is successfully sketched, the spectacle of colour and sound are still in the works. It won’t be until March 25th when Vancouver will get to see John Casablancas Institute’s fashion show Porcelain at Performance Works on Granville Island, doors open at 6pm and the show begins at 7:30. Tickets are available at JCI (220 Cambie) for $20 or $25 at the door. All net proceeds will go to Covenant House.

Andrea Lilly, JCI Fashion Student

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