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Crushed Shadow Nail Polish


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Nail polish is the hottest accessory right now! We all know this precious paint isn’t cheap so I’m going to help you save some coin and expand upon your colour collection.

So what could possibly be good about broken eyeshadow? Well, let me tell you. You can use it for nail polish and love it on your fingernails too. So dig through all your old eyeshadow that I just know you’re holding on to even though it’s old, broken, or almost used up. If this eyeshadow is a loose powder that’s perfect. If not, you’ll need a knife or something to crush the eyeshadow into a powder. You’ll want to make sure there are no clumps.

Next I simply added the crushed eyeshadow to a bottle of clear polish. Use a small funnel or fold one end of the paper you crushed the eyeshadow on and carefully push the eyeshadow into the bottle. Work quickly but gently. You can also mix just enough for one manicure in a disposable cup.

Creating nail polish with eyeshadow will leave give the polish a slightly dull, matte finish. Adding a layer of topcoat will give life and depth to this manicure.

So what eyeshadow will you be enjoying in a whole new light?

Krista Makowecky, JCI Fashion Grad

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