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If you’re like me and spend 50% of your spare time surfing the internet and your social media; it is hard to ignore the daily posts from fashion and beauty bloggers about clothing and products they are currently obsessed with. You can’t help but want the items, but where are they from? Nothing is more annoying than seeing something you love and not knowing where to purchase it.

Suffer no more and let me introduce you to The Hunt. The Hunt is a community that tracks down the items you covet. If you see a sweater you love on tumblr and want to buy it, simply post a picture of it and wait for people to tell you where to get it or offer alternatives. And just like pinterest and tumblr, The Hunt allows you to scroll through images. Pretty sweet huh?

This will definitely put a hole in my wallet! Happy hunting!

Jane Frondoso, JCI Fashion Grad

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