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We have a small class of 13, and of that 13 there are five of us designing for the Persephone Fashion Show. Alan is working on putting together a collection of 12 outfits to open the show and Michelle designed a yellow dress that will fit perfectly in our light segment. Amy re-worked a bunch of garments for our transition section which look incredible and very Persephone. For the dark section, Desiree re-worked five garments and designed a whole outfit out of tulle that will feature twig accents. I also decided to design a few dresses for the show. However, instead of creating garments out of fabric, I will be using paper. The show will open with three light paper dresses, and three dark dresses will close the show.

Aside from our class already doing all the production for the fashion show, the five of us designing have some extra weight on our shoulders since design and sewing aren’t part of the JCI curriculum. Most of us have finished our designs, but there have been some setbacks along the way. Either having rushed deadlines or needing to run out for extra materials, we are learning to adapt and go with the flow. Designing adds an extra level of stress, so being able to stay calm when things go a little array is very important. Fingers crossed it’s all smooth sailing from here.

Persephone takes place at Heritage Hall (3201 Main Street) on Tuesday July 22, 2014. The doors will open at 6:30pm, and the show will begin at 7:30pm. Tickets are available in advance at John Casablancas Institute for $20, or at the door for $25. All net proceeds will go to Covenant House.

Kristina Meyer, JCI Fashion Student

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