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Disposable Party Cams


cameras.jpgThe 90’s are a trend in street style and now the newest “accessory” will take you on a trip down memory lane too. Capture the best moments with Urban Outfitters disposable party cameras. Urban Outfitters have taken Kodak disposable cameras and created a new and hipster way to make your memories into funny photos.

Each camera is labeled with a different theme; everything from Happy Birthday to Mustaches to Cats. You use the camera like a normal disposable camera but each frame has a unique saying, image or surprise embedded in the film. This innovative camera makes photography even more fun because you never know what’s going to pop up in your photos when you get the film developed!

These cameras make awesome gifts, are perfect for nights on the town and can create a hilarious scrapbook of your unforgettable adventures.

Take your photography to the next level with your own disposable party camera for $14.00 exclusively at Urban Outfitters.

Drew Hertz, JCI Fashion Grad

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