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Getting out of bed to make it to school on time is a struggle for any 20 something student. But hey look at you; you’re a fashionable JCI student! You should probably look more like a picture from the and less like you slept under the Granville Bridge.

Here are a few more reasons to always look your best:

-Who doesn’t instantly feel more confident with a good outfit? Make that sidewalk your own personal catwalk.

-Fashion is self-expression, what exactly are you trying to say to the world? Your Ugg boots and crocs may be comfortable, but is that the voice you want your style to have?

-People will notice that extra effort, attention to detail and great accessories- they’re perfect conversation starters!

-You never know who you are going to meet during your day, that pajama onesie with cats all over it just isn’t going to make a good first impression on anyone.

-And of course it’s the law of the universe that the day you leave the house looking bad is the day you run into someone important. Whether it’s a potential employer or an ex-boyfriend, it’s happened to everyone and you should’ve learned your lesson the first time.

Dressing up shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions, and really, who needs a reason to look fabulous? Plan your outfit the night before to give you more beauty rest so you’ll look good from the inside out.

Jessica Moneo, JCI Fashion Student

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