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How are you feeling this morning? Colour affects our feelings and our emotions. Here’s a list of the colours to wear to affect your mood.

1. Tired and Sad. You should wear yellow! Yellow is a lively colour and it makes you feel warm like the sunshine. It will give you energy and make you feel more optimistic about what the day will bring. It says “hey look at me, I’m feeling good today!”

2. Shy and Scared. You should wear orange! If you feel scared about something that will happen in your day, you should wear orange because it can make you feel more friendly and inviting. It also fuels enthusiasm and creativity so you’ll be able to ace that presentation at work or school.

3. Overwhelmed and Stressed. You should wear purple or blue! Blue gives you calm and trusting feelings. It also gives a professional feeling so wear it when you are ready to display your big task to the world. Blue is loved by everybody, so when wearing it be prepared for lots of compliments! Purple is a relaxing colour and should make you feel luxurious and wealthy. When wearing purple you feel serenity and composed.

4. Excited and ready for anything. You should wear red! Red is exciting and makes you feel fearless. It gives you the ambition to go after your dreams. By wearing red you are displaying confidence, it says “I can do anything.”

5. Powerful and Strong. You should wear black! If you want to display sophistication; think of the “little black dress,” it is classy and chic. Black is also a very professional colour and it is the best colour to wear for a job interview. It also displays a hint of mystery. But it shows that you are ready to attempt anything life throws at you.

6. Angry and Unfriendly. You should wear pink! Pink can calm you down and create acceptance of the person or thing annoying you. It is the colour of love and by wearing pink you show a caring side to yourself. It is a forgiving colour and says “I will not forget.”

7. If you want to start a new chapter in your life. You should wear white! White is a pure and kind colour. It will clear your mind and push those unwanted thoughts out of the way. Wearing white can freshen up your life.

Julieanne Buma, JCI Fashion Grad

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