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Easy ways to transition your summer wardrobe

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Even if you’re having trouble admitting it, fall is well under way. Stores are quickly filling up with the latest seasonal trends and broke fashionistas everywhere are feeling distressed over their lack of funds to acquire an entirely new fall wardrobe.

Don’t be so quick to pack up your summer clothes and haul them away to storage; they still have valuable life left in them if you style them right. Make the most out of transitioning your summer clothes into fall, or buy summer staples now at marked down prices for these looks.

The end of summer doesn’t need to mean the end of shorts. Add tights or leggings to your favorite summer shorts for a cozy chic look, and pair it with belt it to show off your curves.

Not quite ready to give up your crop tops? As long as they’re not neon, feel free to keep them going! Try pairing your crop top with high waist pants and a chunky knit sweater.

Did you invest in a pair of beautiful summer wedges that you’re not ready to give up yet? I’m sure we all did. Although socks and sandals are a major faux pas, throwing on some knee high socks with a wedge or a chunky heel is totally chic. Also try adding a blazer or cardigan to pull the outfit together.

Research magazines, blogs and the Internet for style ideas. My favorite inspiration source is, which is a street style website that lets users upload their photos, then viewers vote on their favorite outfits. Just because you lack funds doesn’t mean you have to lack style.

Jessica Moneo, JCI Fashion Student

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