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Everybody Wants to Be a Cat



From cat ear headbands to Kenzo’s must-have graphic tiger print sweater, incorporating a meow mix of feline fashion into your wardrobe is seen to be the current cat’s meow of style trends.

The sudden kitty craze, possibly due to Internet sensations LOLcats and Grumpy Cat, has given a renewed coolness to being a “cat lady”. A tad kitchy if you ask me, the abundance of cat graphics on hats, shoes, bags, t-shirts, tights, dresses, sweaters, pants and even home décor is unavoidable when shopping and strolling the style columns as of late. Kirsten Dunst. Victoria Beckham and Karen Gillan are among the many celebs that have lapped up the cat-chic trend.

Although I have yet to sink my claws into this trend myself, I have witnessed the versatility of this feline phenomenon ranging from sexy to sweet. Saying that, there is a fine line between looking like a fierce feline and something that the cat dragged in. Therefore, when wearing anything meow-worthy, make sure not to go overboard with cat prints and stick to only wearing one cat couture item at a time. Also, to achieve fierceness without the fluff, try wearing animal prints such as leopard and cheetah spots and stripes.

Overall, when it comes to the age-old battle between cats and dogs, the fashion industry has clearly expressed its victor and has stealthily represented its feline fascination this Fall/Winter’s 2013. The “catwalk” was taken literally this upcoming season with designer Tracy Reese sending an actual cat padding down the runway in coordination with cat prints showcased in recent collections from Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu as highlighted here.

Skylar Keith, JCI Fashion Grad

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