Q: Why isn’t this program 1500 hours? A: The BC Government, in response to lobbying from the hair industry, removed the requirement for 1500 hours of schooling and licensing of hairdressers effective January 2004. This change paved the way for a new type of program, one that combines the value of school-based training with an apprenticeship, hands-on program. With this innovative approach, JCI has been leading the way for innovative and current hair design training for over 10 years.

Q: Will I have to apprentice in BC? A: While some salons may want you to apprentice for a short time to learn the style of the salon, there is absolutely no requirement or need to apprentice once you have completed the program.

Q: What am I missing if I don’t take the 1500 program? A: In terms of hair design training, you’re not missing a thing. You will receive complete training in all areas of hairdressing, including key business skills which aren’t covered in many hair programs. The reason we can teach you so much in a shorter period of time is because of the format of the training. This is a complete ‘learn-by-doing’ program where you will begin cutting on your mannequin on the second day of class and you will be working on clients by the sixth week. Additionally, the young and funky clientele that frequent the academy salon guarantees that you will be learning modern cuts and styles, making you salon-ready and avoiding the monotony of working on out-dated styles such as perm-wraps and roller sets. At JC Institute, we focus on the quality of the training… not the quantity.