JCI’s Core Fashion Design Program provides a cutting-edge curriculum in a realistic design lab using the most current industry equipment and software. The program is made up of the following stages which align with the traditional 6-month buying cycle:

  • -The Look
  • -The Range
  • -The Make
  • -The Cut

The Look

The Look is where students learn industry standards and processes involved in beginning and creating the design process. Students will explore how research and creative thinking can generate design ideas that can then be translated into exciting commercial fashion design. Through constant analysis of the retail environment, target markets, and past and present design, students will connect to the industry to inspire, differentiate and innovate. Focus is on commercial viability in addition to creativity and uniqueness.

The Range

The Range provides the opportunity to realize and create a vision in a setting similar to a design studio. Students will focus on creating a collection taking into consideration the commercial viability of their product in today’s market. Students will build on and further develop ideas established in The Look through the development of seasonal colour palettes, and line plans; taking the concept through to a full collection. Students will explore ideas around technical fabrics, alternative construction techniques, surface finishes/detailing and printing. Students will build on their knowledge of supply chain essentials and requirements working to create Technical Packages of their designs. In 12 weeks students will focus on range building in order to move forward with the construction of their garments in The Make.

The Make

In The Make students will take their ideas and range of designs and begin constructing their actual garments. This is a critical part of the program, and a section on which they will spend the majority of their time. The student will be introduced to basic pattern making, garment construction and sewing techniques to help them translate their designs into form. In pattern making, they will learn the fundamental skills first by understanding measurement, the creation of standard blocks, pattern manipulation, fitting of garments and pattern grading which will give them an eye for quality. Garment construction will give them an understanding of how a garment is built by completing a reference binder of construction samples and a library of garments.

In Term 1, instructors will begin each lesson with theory, and then conduct a demonstration. Students will then work individually while the instructor rotates through the class giving each student sufficient one-on-one time so they can perfect their skills. In Term 2, students will begin their final looks utilizing the skills they’ve learned. Lab time outside of class time will be available to students in the evenings and on Saturdays.

The Cut

During The Cut section students will learn what it takes to get their collection to market and be sold to the consumer. Students will have the opportunity to have their collection showcased in a JCI fashion show, a public event attended by media, fashion industry personnel, sponsors and friends & family. Students will also execute a photoshoot of their collection, and explore other marketing techniques. Students will apply techniques best suited for their personal brand and collection to their portfolios and approach in moving forward with their careers.

Graduates of JCI’s Core Fashion Design Program will:

  • -Obtain the knowledge and skills to work as a fashion designer with confidence and pride
  • -Identify and skillfully use the types of equipment, tools, software, and materials required to complete garment construction
  • -Have the ability to stand out as a fashion designer with strong practical and technical skills
  • -Complete a collection of garments to be featured in a fashion show
  • -Have knowledge of the entire fashion industry and understand how to be successful in the role of a fashion designer

Since 2013, Fashion program grads have enjoyed an average employment rate of 92%. Visit JCI today and find out why it's where you want to be to learn everything about the fashion industry.