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Unwritten Exhibition, Oakridge Mall

Unwritten Exhibition

The Unwritten Exhibition at Oakridge Mall and West Bank Projects has opened its doors to invite creative individuals to rethink the concept of the way we live, the way we work and the concept we have of culture.

“We are all looking to add experiences to our lives that add meaning and beauty. We no longer define luxury by added ornamentation or frills. True luxury means living the life you want to live, one where you are constantly learning and experiencing new and interesting aspects of our world.” Ian Gillespie, Owner of Westbank Projects Corp.

For that reason, West Bank wanted to do something innovative and different for their showroom space. They wanted to create an area where they showcase the cultural hub they are looking to expose with this new development. With that in mind, Lyndsey Jackson, a JCI Fashion Grad and Vancouver based Fashion Designer, was invited to be part of the Unwritten Fashion Display Exhibition in Oakridge Mall and has residency there for the next six months. Lyndsey is currently working on various projects while at that studio, including her New Collection, HollyMood, for the October Vancouver Fashion Week.

Lyndsey Jackson
Lyndsey Jackson is a Vancouver-based contemporary designer. Her label, byLJ Studio , aims to provide experimental women with new perspectives and a raw, unassuming sense of beauty. She is known for the way she expresses life through her garments, creating stunningly asymmetrical pieces or using fabric with asymmetrical proportions that allow her concept of a life not being perfectly symmetrical, be shown in her collections. We went to visit her at the Unwritten Exhibition Studio to ask some questions about her journey as well as the work she is currently doing at the studio.

What got you interested in the Fashion Industry?

I got a business degree from BCIT and then ended up doing a semester in Berlin. That city inspired me to do things creatively. When I came back I didn’t get into fashion right away I worked in software, which gave me the ability to live alone and start doing more creative things. I started drawing, got into photography and then from there I decided to focus on Fashion. My mom is a great seamstress and I built some skills learning from her. Which led me to enroll in John Casablancas Institute.

How did JCI help your career as a Fashion Designer?

It is a very hands-on program. You start to finish create a collection that by the end of it it’s marketable. Although it’s a short program, it’s intensive. In the beginning, we did a lot of patterns and sowing samples and created booklets with different seam finishes, collars, waistbands and I hold on to all of that. I’m so glad we have that and it was so beneficial as I refer back to it and get inspired for new projects.

Lyndsey Jackson

What part does byLJ Studio take in the Unwritten Exhibition?

The Oakridge area is being redeveloped, they are working on having a lot of music venues and supporting local designers as well as developed brands. That is why they have this studio here in the exhibition, to show support for local artists and creators. As well as give the public a chance to see what this culture hub will look like.

What are you working on while at the Unwritten Exhibition?

I’m working on making outfits for the exhibition staff, completing orders but mostly I will be working on designing my collection for October. I’ve been inspired by 1969 Hollywood, just from books I’ve read recently or movies I’ve watched, there’s a lot of interesting fashion ideas that have come from that era. So that’s where the concept is based on, it was an interesting year with a lot of crazy things happening in the media. 

Lyndsey Jackson Unwritten Exhibition

Are there any events happening at the Unwritten exhibition? 

The Unwritten Exhibition is hosting an evening with byLJ Studio, in which you will get to know me, my work and the journey I took to become a Fashion Designer. Everyone is invited, from fashion students to anyone interested in learning about a day in the life of a Fashion Designer. Come to August 10th’s Presentation starting at 3 pm!

Come and Meet Lyndsey Jackson on Saturday, August 10th at 3pm at Oakridge Mall , Click here for more Details!