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Sportswear has been taking over the runways and streets for the past few years. When we first started seeing it I was COMPLETELY against it. I thought sports clothing should be worn for sports and fashionable clothing should be luxurious and, well, fashionable. It’s funny because now I wear Adidas and Nike almost daily, but that’s beside the point.

One aspect of the sports frenzy I’m absolutely in love with is the “fashion sweatshirt.” I’m not talking those grubby stained ones you wear while painting the house, I’m talking patterned beautiful creations that are extremely comfy to wear in the house for a movie night or out shopping. And if you have a stylin’ BF you can take his because god bless sweatshirts, the bigger, the better. Sweatshirts are fab but the thing that got me really excited was double the trend in one piece of clothing; logo mania and sportswear.

Seeing as I’m a recent grad I’m not out dropping hundreds of dollars on clothing so I get all my best sweatshirt finds at Community Thrift, Vintage on West Cordova, or F as In Frank on Main Street; but if you have the money to spend here are some gems.

1) Adidas 2) Stussy 3) Alexander Wang 4) Acne Studios 5) Kenzo I’m telling you investing in one of these will be the best decision you’ve made all year. My closet is slowly being taken over by large cozy sweatshirts! In fact, I’m in one right this second.

Savannah Cochrane, JCI Fashion Grad

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