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French (Canadian) Invasion



Vancouver get ready for some French Canadian style! It was recently announced that La Maison Simons, a department store from Quebec City, will be expanding into Park Royal in West Vancouver. Simons, as it’s known, is planning to open its doors in fall 2015. They currently have nine retail locations within Quebec and one in Edmonton.

Simons is a 173-year-old company that is still family owned by the Simons family. The store has nine house brands including twik, Simons Maison, and DJAB that range from men and women’s clothing to house wares. As well, Simons carries a wide variety of labels that span from every day styles like Roxy, to designer brands such as Versace.

This announcement is at a time in Canada, and in Vancouver specifically, when retail is expanding greatly. With the growth of Canadian department stores, the Bay and Holt Renfrew, and the entrance of Nordstrom into Canada, Simons is taking a risk opening in a heavily saturated market.

Perhaps, the lure of Simons will be their French-ness. The style and sophistication of our neighbours to the east might be what draws customers through the doors. We will have to wait for fall 2015 to see. Until then, visit for some browsing and shopping.

Andrea Young, JCI Fashion Student

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