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From Your Teens to 20s: How to Tackle the Skin-Care Transition

Photo Credit: Christopher Campbell / Unsplash

While skin is still fairly fresh as we enter our twenties, this is the decade when partying, sun exposure, and lack of sleep will start to make their mark. The skin’s metabolism slows, and fatty tissue, collagen, and elasticity start to break down. But don’t despair, it’s not all bad news: there are a few easy and actionable measures you can take that can preserve and improve your complexion—both immediately and in the long run. Here are a few tips for tackling your skin-care transition.

The 44-week Body Spa Program is one of a kind in professional spa training, encompassing basic and advanced spa services. The program consists of in-depth theory and practical knowledge, constant student practice, family practice week, weekly tests, creative projects and spa floor services in a beautiful spa setting. Topics covered include everything from a basic manicure/pedicure to waxing, lash tinting, lash extension training, chemical peels. massage and specialty facials.

By the end of the program, you will be spa ready by projecting professionalism and confidence in performing both basic and advanced spa services. The Body Spa program could lead to work as a nail technician, estetician, skin care consultant, body spa technician, spa manager, spa owner or spa makeup artist.

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