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Garmentory: the latest online shopping trend


garmentory.jpgHave you ever wondered what happens to all the sale items from independent boutiques? Look no further than Garmentory. It’s a new Vancouver-based website which allows consumers to look through the sale inventory of independent retailers and designers.

The three individuals behind Garmentory are Adele Tetanco, Maggie Chok, and Sunil Gowda. They have backgrounds in fashion, software and design, and together they created the user friendly website.

The idea of Garmentory is to connect the customer and boutique in a unique way through the “make an offer” purchasing feature – you bid on the item that you want to purchase. The retailer either accepts the offer or rejects it. If they accept your offer then they send your product directly to you from the store. If you are rejected, you can always make another offer! It’s like eBay but for fashion and you know you’re getting a legitimate product. This website also gives small businesses the opportunity to compete with large off-price online retailers like Gilt and Beyond the Rack.

Through Garmentory it’s easy to place a low bid on an item you want. However, you want to make sure that the bid you make is a fair one to the retailer. As a consumer, it’s easy to forget how much it costs the boutique or designer to purchase or make the item. The idea is to support small businesses that are looking to sell their inventory. It’s a win-win for both parties! So, next time you are looking to purchase a fashion product online head to first to support your local designers and boutiques. Have fun bidding!

Designers and stores that are currently selling on Garmentory include Dace, a designer and a JCI instructor from Vancouver, BC; Thistle + Clover, a boutique from Brooklyn, NY; and Distill, a boutique from Toronto, ON.

Andrea Young, JCI Fashion Student

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