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Grooving at One Forty Two


Music can be a crucial tool to create a feeling and mood at a fashion show. It is also a good way to translate a specific theme, story, or idea. In regards to One Forty Two fashion show, our class has chosen music that encompasses the overall theme and enhances the show’s setting.

The style of music that we’ve chosen has lots of depth and mood. For instance, there are several Lana Del Ray songs because we found her dark sultry voice embodied the spirit of our show. We’ve also chosen several different remixes from artists such as The XX, ODEZA and Amanda Blank who are not your typical mainstream artists but have interesting and distinctive voices.

Come enjoy the soundtrack of One Forty Two!

The One Forty Two Fashion Show in support of the Looking Glass Foundation happens Thursday November 21 at Villa Amato (88 East 1st St), doors at 6:30, awards at 7:00, and show at 7:30. Tickets are available at JCI (220 Cambie), $25 in advance, $15 for JCI students, or $30 at the door.

Sophie Coltellaro, JCI Fashion Student

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