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Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails


Nail art has taken up a storm in the last few years. It has come a long way from traditional french tips to now intricate designs, sometimes even in 3D! Whether nail art is the star of the show or a way to add flair to a look, having creative nails is for everyone, even for those with shorter, natural nails! published an article with nail art ideas for those with short nails which inspired us to find some quick and easy ideas for all you shorties! short nail art ideas JCI body spa Adding a little glitter and shimmer can turn any plain manicure into a fancy one! JCI Body Spa Nail Art Ideas Gone are the rules of just having one nail color! Try creating a fun look by painting each nail a different shade. Glue on a stud to make it extra special. matte nail art for short nails If you’re not as creative as others, a simple matte top coat adds a sleek and elegant finish to any color! OPI’s Matte Top Coat is a great option to use. short nail art ideas How about an easy multi-nail ombre? All you need are different shades of the same color and simply paint them from light to dark!   short nail art ideas picture taken from: Using a thin detail brush, swipe a color or two by the cuticle of the nail to create a funky twist on a reverse french tip. Polka Dot Nail Art Ideas Sometimes the prettiest nail designs are the easiest! Use a dotting tool or pin (or any tool with a fine tip) to create a polka-dot manicure. Thinking about getting your nails done now? Try these looks on your own or come by the Body Spa at JCI and ask for some nail art

The 44-week Body Spa Program is one of a kind in professional spa training, encompassing basic and advanced spa services. The program consists of in-depth theory and practical knowledge, constant student practice, family practice week, weekly tests, creative projects and spa floor services in a beautiful spa setting. By the end of the program, you will be spa ready by projecting professionalism and confidence in performing both basic and advanced spa services. _____________________________________________________________ Blog Contributor: Denise Escalante

One response to “Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails”

  1. Polish Perfect says:

    I’m one of those people who think you don’t need long nails in order to have glamorous nails. Mirror nails can make your nails look longer and stylish. Also, I like adding just a few lines on a short nail (like black and gold nail on the last pic). Minimalist design is the best choice for short nails

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