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Walking into Holt Renfrew is like passing through the gates of heaven. Stark white marble surroundings, floating transparent elevators and gleaming silver display cases filled with couture treasures transport guests to a retail utopia.

The chance to experience the inner-workings of a renowned fashion mecca such as Holt Renfrew has always been a dream of mine. Needless to say, when the career liaison at John Casablancas Institute announced the opportunity for a three-month internship within the various departments at Holt Renfrew I nearly fell off my chair! As a fashion business student at JCI, it is my innate lot in life to live out the movie The Devil Wears Prada. Getting the chance to see, touch and actually try on couture pieces that I would usually only see in the pages of Vogue is like a fashion-fairytale dream come true.

After grinding through a rigorous group interview panel with over thirty selected applicants and then getting the green light to interview solo with the General Manager of the Women’s Contemporary
Department; I was finally granted the honour to bear the hot pink Holts badge.

Getting to see, sell and stylize million dollar clients with the newest collections by lusted-after, high-fashion designers such as Philip Lim, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang were the foremost luxuries of the job. What’ s more, I also witnessed celebrity in-store spottings such as Lea Michelle from Glee!

Every other week Holt Renfrew hosts designer trunk shows at which, if you’re lucky, the actual designer will show rather than just a sales rep. Over the course of my internship I was granted awe-inspiring opportunities to shake hands and chat with international couture jewellery designer, Eddie Borgo, as well as sit in on an exclusive employee-only product knowledge session for the European women’s designer brand, Brunello Cucinelli.

As my internship sadly came to an end, the ultimate cherry on top is that I concluding my schooling with a job offer. Now that I have the prospect of getting comfortable on cloud nine, the dreams of what a Holt Renfrew discount could do for my wardrobe, let alone my bank account, is all together breathtaking.

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Skylar Keith, JCI Fashion Grad

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