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Ever imagined your dream job and then quickly changed your mind to a career path that is more “ordinary”? Professional jewellery designers Christy Feaver and Nea Hildebolt have proved that passion pays off and when you pursue your dream anything is possible.
Christy and Nea are the owners and creators behind House of Alaia, a jewellery line and School of Creative Arts based in Bali, Indonesia. Christy and Nea opened House of Alaia in 2011 with the vision of bringing a space to life that welcomes people to explore their creativity through various types of jewellery making and art. The philosophy behind the school is that, “A lesson in art and culture is an eternal gift and shared experience”.

This sanctuary by the sea provides opportunity to local Indonesian children by offering them complimentary classes on a weekly basis. The school offers a variety of classes that cater to people’s unique needs and skill levels. So whether you’re a local, visiting Bali, or passing through for the day, The House of Alaia will leave you feeling inspired and reconnected.

The same free spirited, positive energy which surrounds this creative haven is evident in the warm charm and powerful symbolism carried throughout the House of Alaia jewelry line. The antique forged metals and natural motifs that make up the collection are intended to resonate deeply with whomever wears the pieces and imbue a sense of interconnectedness with all life.

You can find tokens of the House of Alaia on the shelves of boutiques across North America and online at

Kelsey Adair, JCI Fashion Grad

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