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How Do You Bear With Winter?



As the winter roles in, energy levels roll out. The colder air and shorter days drive everyone into hibernation. Nothing seems more desirable than sitting at home, wrapped in a blanket, while drinking chocolate by a roaring fire.

Are we supposed to live like bears? Why else would we have holidays with enormous feasts, other than to add to our winter insulation? Which leads to my next point, why feel guilty about the winter weight?

Winter trends are purposely made to fit bulky, chunky, and comfy. This strategic fashion, let’s us eat our feelings away in hibernation, all while staying guilt free and fashionable.

The whole point of winter is all about staying cozy. So don’t starve yourself next time you see a toothpick walking down the street. Just eat your heart out and wear winter fashions, they are designed that way for a reason.

Paige McBride, JCI Fashion Grad

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