Not all bloggers with thousands of followers use online editing programs to edit their images, most people get away with the apps on their phones. If you’re ready to up your Instagram game and take your images to the next level, then get your phones ready and follow along.

How to take Insta-Worthy Images: 

First things first, stay clear of cameras within apps. Chances are the resolution isn’t as good as your phone’s camera, after all, you can always import pictures into the app you choose to edit with. Don’t forget to focus! This is very important to acknowledge because you could be one click away from either a really clear image, or stuck with a low-quality image. The way to focus your photo is to tap on the screen of your camera to where you want the main focus to be on.

Always remember to take as many pictures as you can from multiple angles. This way you have a variety of images to choose from when editing. Always shoot in natural light and turn off that flash!

The Must-Have Apps on your Phone and How to Edit:

The AfterLight app offers many filters and adjustment tools for you to brighten and sharpen your image before posting to Instagram. This app is also available in a second version, AfterLight 2, for $3.99.

This all-in-one photo editing app allows you to get creative with your photos by blending multiple images together, adding powerful effects and overlays, and customizing filters. Get started with importing an image from your camera roll and follow the icons listed to edit from left to right.
Click here for tutorials on how to edit your photos with Afterlight

A Color Story

A Color Story is every blogger’s design kit. With over 100 filters, 40+ effects and 20+ tools, this app allows you to enhance your images and the colours, from bright whites to rich colours.

Click here for tutorials on how to edit your photos with A Color Story


FaceTune is equivalent to Photoshop. This app is perfect to use for editing portrait images as it offers smoothing tools, to make your skin look smooth and clearer than ever, re-shaping tools, and tons of filters. You can use your finger to paint on effects including whitening/brightening an image, detailing, de-focusing, and more. The detail tool can be used to sharpen your eyes, lips, or even piercings to allow them to stand out more in your image.

Need to get rid a pimple? No worries, FaceTune’s patching tool removes all blemishes from your image, including pimples, wrinkles or even hair that might be in the way. (Tip: always use the patching tool before smoothing skin.)
Click here for tutorials on how to edit your photos with FaceTune


Snapseed is a free app that is known for its healing tool. If you have an image with a lot going on in the background that you’d like to get rid of, the healing app does just that. Drag your finger across the screen just like a magic eraser to get rid of unwanted details in your image.

Snapseed allows you to adjust your image exactly how you’d like with the touch of your finger! Your finger is equivalent to a paintbrush, allowing you to scroll your finger up for brightness. The icon ‘Tune Image’ offers contrast and saturation details to your image. With the right amount of filter and tuning done to your image, you will notice the quality going from 0-100, real quick.
Click here for tutorials on how to edit photos with Snapseed.


VSCO is a free app used by many bloggers to theme their images in order for their Instagram feed to look cohesive. This all-in-one editing and photo sharing app has many filters for you to choose from.

Click here for tutorials on how to edit photos with VSCO
What are your favourite editing apps? Let us know!

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