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How to get your best lashes


When it comes to lashes, there are a lot of options out there. While most people would agree they are very important beauty territory, the jury is divided on how to make them look their best. In this handy guide, we will break down the most popular options and the pros/cons of each choice. Read on for how to get your best lashes:


eyelash-extensions before after

Lash extensions have been gaining more and more popularity. They make a big impact and ensure you actually “woke up like that” for up to a month after application. The downside? The cost can be pretty high (upwards of $150 for the initial set) is time consuming (1-2 hours) and requires regular fills ($50+) to replace shedding lashes. Since each lash extension is individually added onto your natural lashes, the expense is covering the time and skill it takes to apply them. The application process makes it possible to tailor each set to be as dramatic or subtle what the client desires.


eye lash perm

Amazing for straight lashes, a perm will keep them curled for up to 6 weeks! Though the service will set you back about $60 at the salon, upkeep is only every month and a half. The impact can be huge if your eyelashes are naturally very straight.



For anyone with light lashes, a tint is a great semi-permanent option to make them stand out. Tinting will last from 4-6 weeks and is generally around $30. If you already have dark lashes, you can skip this one!


lash serum growth

If you just want a boost for your natural lashes, why not try a growth serum? Applied directly to the lashes, it can speed up growth and totally up your game. Though serums can be on the expensive side (we carry Image Ageless Lashes at the JCI spa for $110) they improve you lash texture, strength and length from the inside out.


false eye lashes

Great for an evening out or for special occasions, false lashes can come in a strip or as individual lashes. This very affordable option (under $10) is sold at most drugstores and put on at home. However. if you are not familiar with their application, it might take some practice. Luckily, there are a ton of YouTube tutorials to help you out!


mascara meme kermit

Undoubtedly the most popular choice on our list, mascara is the quick fix to get your lashes looking on point. Of course you can splurge on luxury brands or formulas, but there are many cheaper mascaras that beauty experts still swear by.

No matter which way you choose to slay the eyelash game, at least now you know a few different options! If you’re looking to try something new, any of the salon services mentioned above are available at a very discounted rate at the JCI Body Spa. Call 604-688-0328 to book your appointment now!

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