packing carry on
Family Day is coming up next month, and hopefully some of us get the chance to head out of town for a few nights! Packing for a short trip can be a challenge, since you want everything you need but nothing more.
If you’re lucky enough to be heading somewhere for the long weekend, but refuse to be the stereotypical over packer this time, read on! If you struggle to keep things under control, this post is for you:

Carry on

Airlines now charge for checked bags most of the time, so it makes more sense than ever to just bring carry on. You can’t overpack as easily when you have to lug everything around at the airport, plus you’ll save about $50 round trip for your efforts.

Plan Outfits

Do all the trying on and decision making before you leave and leave the rest behind. It save precious vacation time since you already know what you’re wearing, and lightens your load considerably. Pack ahead of time and don’t shove in anything unnecessary at the last second!
neutrals packing

Versatility is key

Build multiple outfits around the pieces you wear most often. The absolute best thing for space saving is having a several items that you can wear in different combinations with each other. Neutrals are the easiest way to make sure everything goes together.

 Travel in the bulkiest pieces

You save a TON of space by wearing bulkier items instead of packing them. Jackets, sweaters, boots – all things you should wear on the plane.
black booties

Set a shoe limit

For a long weekend, you should be able to get away with 2 pairs of shoes. Bonus points if you go with an all around classic like a black bootie and only bring 1! Just make sure whatever you pack is comfortable and go with all your outfits. This rule works great for purses and other accessories too.

Use up those beauty samples

Stores like Sephora give out tons of samples when you shop. Take advantage by saving them up for your next trip! That way you don’t have to worry about containers leaking, or going over the size limit for liquids and gels.
We hope this helps you pack smarter for your next vacation! Let us know where you’re going in the comments.