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Everyday we are surrounded by things that inspire us. Whether it’s the beautiful landscape of mountains and trees across the water, the sun rising behind the 40 story buildings of downtown, or friends and family. People gather inspiration from things that surround their daily life. You may not even realize what inspires you until someone asks.

Why do we need inspiration? Well, inspiration drives us to be the best we can be, it creates or delivers masterpieces, and keeps us motivated to do more. Without inspiration things would lack individuality and uniqueness.

The truth is you can get inspiration from almost anything and the beauty is that everyone is inspired by different things. Author Neil Gaiman said, “You get ideas from daydreaming. You get ideas from being bored. You get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is we notice when we’re doing it.” I feel as though this quote is very true; most of us don’t even realize when things inspire us, which makes it difficult when we are looking for inspiration.

Whether you are looking for inspiration for a hairstyle, painting, fashion shoot, school project, or anything else for that matter, here are a few simple things to help you find some inspiration.

1) Find inspiration in nature. Yes this is somewhat cliche and most people would say they get inspiration from nature, but it’s true. Go for a walk, don’t just look up images of landscapes and flowers on the internet, see it with your own eyes. Feel what the dirt and sand feels like between your toes, and the rain as it dances off the end of your nose. Smell the scent of fresh cut spring grass, or the salty sting of the ocean breeze. Exploring nature can provide you with the time to brainstorm and construct great ideas.

2) Find inspiration in people. You may not realize it but the people you are around everyday can spark brilliant thoughts and opinions. They are full of wisdom, stories, and different experiences then those you may have encountered. They have a lot they can teach you, as well as shock you with things you didn’t know before. Ask them what they are grateful for, what they love the most in their life; experience the sense of appreciation and passion as they talk about it. These ordinary people you find yourself sitting next to on the bus, may just be the spark for your next masterpiece.

3) Find inspiration in yourself. This one may be hard. Sure we beat ourselves up at times, being swallowed by our insecurities, however there are so many beautiful things about yourself that will inspire you. This doesn’t mean to look at your reflection, but look into yourself; accept your weaknesses in order to appreciate your strengths.

4) Find inspiration in possibilities. Try something new, this may scare some and excite others, but inspiration can lay within things you have never done before. There are endless possibilities out there, so why not explore as many as possible? Creating a vision board or bucket list can assist you when planning new adventures.

Wherever you may find yourself discovering inspiration, be sure to recognize it and absorb it, either for your daily life or the next time you want to paint, write or create.

Heather Mathieson, JCI Fashion Grad

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